COSC: Quality At Its Finest For Best Watches

Quality control is an integral part of any product. Watches are no different. For watches made in Switzerland, they go through an extensive quality control process. This is to distinguish the great from the mediocre.

The COSC or Contrôle Offciel Suisse des Chronométres is the official Swiss Chronometer Testing Institute. [...]
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Luxury Watch Brands: History As Integral

“What’s in a name?”

Everything. In the watch industry, the brand name is not just a display of popularity. For luxury watches, history, brand recognition, and quality are all integral to guarantee each watch as a timeless piece (no pun intended). The reputation of watch brands are built with its [...]
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Authorized Dealers: The Better Choice for Luxury Watches

Spending money for luxury watches is something not to be taken lightly. That is why people are sometimes hesitant in purchasing watches because they are unsure if they have made the right decision with regards to transacting with the right dealers.

The important thing is this, purchasing watches from authorized dealers is [...]
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Factors That Hurt Resale Value When Buying Watches

Much like any other product in the market, the value of watches decrease over time. A lot of consumers tend to get frustrated in learning their luxury watches drastically depreciate in value. This is usually the case when watch owners try to sell their wristwatches. So what consumers do is they try [...]
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Breitling for Bentley Light Body Midnight Carbon: Ultra-light, ultra-sporty

Beneath its all-black exterior, the highly original Bentley Light Body Midnight Carbon issued in a 1,000-piece worldwide limited edition conceals a light and sturdy titanium chassis featuring a highly resistant carbon-based coating. The dashboard-style dial displays two exclusive Breitling technical features highlighted by red-rimmed indications. The ingenious “30-second chronograph” system, heir to a 1926 [...]
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